We believe in less paperwork, happy parents and children's safety.

System that makes daily kindergarten agenda easier to do and increases the possibility of communication with parents.

256 kindergartens
2987 employees
19837 students
Karellen kid

Easy to use

Group of professionals have taken the best of 15 years of experience in kindergarten systems development in Iceland and put it into the software construction of this new system. Data installation is simplified and user experience is smooth both on smartphones and tablets.

Developed with teachers

The system is designed in consultation with a large group of kindergarten teachers who have brainstormed about details of needs of the kindergarten in the modern society. We discovered how to make the technology work for us in order to provide better service to parents and to increase professionality at work.

First of its kind

We decided to develop Karellen as an answer to the needs of schools in Iceland and at the same time it became the first system of its kind in the world to offer such a total package for the kindergartens. Now, we are extremely pleased with the result.

On desktop and smartphone

The system is all online and can be accessed from anywhere via your browser. The online web based version offers all the functions of the system.

For the best user experience we developed an app for your iPhone and iPad. This app contains the most used features of our system and brings the parent closer to it's child or makes the teachers daily work routine even easier.

Desktop features Mobile app

All the tools you need in one place

From students’ attendance to invoicing - everything packaged in one powerful application.

Karellen attendance


The system can manage all important information about attendance for students and employees.

Karellen communication


Parents now have a simple way to send messages to the kindergarten staff with any information.

Karellen calendar


The calendar contains all the events. Thus, information can easily be shared between guardians and employees.

Photos communication


We store all the pictures taken in full quality and we share them with parents as soon as they are posted.

Karellen guardians


Information on the childs progress in school or information about the daily operation of the school.

Karellen cms

Website Administration

The kindergarten website is maintained in the system and it's possible to choose from a beautiful templates.

Karellen applications


All kindergarten application agenda is online and extremely simple to execute by eployees or guardians.

Karellen accounting


Management of costs and revenues with automatically generated entries for periodic payments.